Prosper with Kindness


Prosper with Kindness: 5 Secret Keys to Thriving While Making the World a Better Place

This is for people who   1) are successful but not happy 2)  are givers and haven't taken enough time lately to create a life that gives them time  and space for  themselves.

In this case many stay at home mom's whose children are just now getting a little older have much in common with many ambitious professionals who have either burned out or been temporarily cast aside. They both need time to reflect and transition into a life that makes them happier and where THEY can flourish while at the same time helping the business and/or the family flourish. This is a practice group where we will be giving time for you to get to know you, what you really want, what internal blocks are keeping you from getting there and to develop the new skills you probably haven't thought of before to create a life that truly reflects your passions.

***Free*** 4 week pre-seminar  begins worldwide by Webinar, Friday Oct 16th at 2pm EST, and meets weekly every Friday at 2pm EST. Drop ins welcome.

 Seminar begins November 19th


In this series of classes you will:

*Get clearer on what your goals and dreams are.  You will be access dreams and visions that are so compelling  that they will motivate you to move forward  with enthusiasm.

*Learn how to Move from Stressed Out to Flowing 

* Learn how to create 'Sacred Space' and 'Time For You' so that you get rejuvenated instead of burned out from all of your service to those you care about

*Practice Yoga and Meditation that will connect you to the 'Blissful Light of Your Soul' -which  beautiful and never gets old and never dies.

* Learn how to center and to activate your heart in a way that increases your compassion for yourself and others

* Align and  Uplevel your vibrational resonance to match your highest destiny, so that you can co-create your life consciously and with Joy

* Become aware of your current 'Core Limiting Beliefs'  around Money, Personal Power, Success, Personal Radiance, Receiving and Divine Service

* Redecorate and create a new 'Mind Map' in 6 key areas-  that better suits your now clarified awareness of your Mission and Life Purpose

* Learn how to re-program your subconscious mind yourself so that it helps you to acheive your conscious goals

* Learn and strengthen the 5 sources of Personal Power that are essential to turn dreams into reality

* Practice and receive downloads of meditations that help you to 'Come out of Hiding,' 'Magnetize the Money You Need for Your Heart Centered Projects'  to 'Create a Life that Supports Your Goals and Dreams'

*Leave with a greatly increased capacity to forgive and be compassionate towards yourself and even towards those whom you dislike.

Those who choose to have a private session with me during the course will also:

* Get more clear on the lessons behind one of the biggest challenges in your life and perhaps even find your greatest service hidden inside of what was once your most difficult recurring life experience.


I will be  in regular dialogue with each of you, looking at your homework assignments and answering your questions  so that I can meet you exactly where you are and help you to take your next steps up.

There will be a community of support as well as protocols to keep you on track with the homework assignments, and to get you through any stuck places.  I am all about EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, not simply lecturing and leaving it to you to figure out how to apply it all.

You will have access to a library of audio files and interviews with experts that are custom designed to help you on this journey

As I learned as an Education major in Graduate school, the power of the group will also propel you forward much faster than if you had solely done this work alone. It will also help you ground and apply the teachings into your life by providing accountability and inspiration.

I look forward to meeting you, if you feel called- please join us!

Namaste,  to YOUR awakening and evolution !


P.S. If you aren't sure yet, but are interested feel free to drop me a line at and we can 'tawk.'