Prosper with Kindness


You are an explorer who is  spiritual, ambitious and well traveled and you are also a  heart centered parent who has put a great deal of time and dedication into caring for your family. 

Those ignored, set aside longings from your soul are getting louder and more insistent now.  How do you take care of your self while taking care of those you love?  You had put your development and actualization off into the future because you felt that it may interfere with your responsibilities to care for your beloved's as a wife and mother.

You have either been a stay at home mom, or you worked at a job that was only partially fulfilling while your kids were small- and now you are really longing to step up to something much more fulfilling in your life.

It is starting to really dawn on you that if you put this off much longer you will start to resent your family, even though you love them so much.  You are also starting to realize that you have so much more to give your family if you could just access that stillpoint of loving/ soft accepting awareness in strong connection to your Higher power that you find in your heart sometimes.  You really long to strengthen that internal connection and to create a life that is really aligned with that place in your heart.

You just know that even though your life looks fairly good on the outside, there is much more to this life and to you than what is going on right now and you are eager to really step up and shine your light much more brightly now. You just know that this investment in Sacred Time for You will make you a better mother and a happier wife, and that you will be much more fulifilled  but you need some support and hand holding to connect within, explore and create this  on a steady basis.

Maybe you have started to go back to school, bought and read some self help books, gone to Yoga, taken a date night weekly with your husband, or added some extra family trips to feel some variety and excitement in your life to compensate for that nagging and scary feeling that you are supposed to figure out how to be there for them AND self actualize at the same time.

The school probably helped some, but wasn't really addressing your soul longing, it just doesn't go deep enough. You probably liked the Yoga classes and community but people just seemed to mostly be in a different phase of life than you.  You've read some really good self help books but then they just sit on the shelf, reading something and understanding it isn't the same as implementing and living it. You really need support, personal accountability and a place to discuss your trials and errors in your growth process.The date nights were really nice, but your husband just doesn't seem to be wired to be able to process all of your emotional needs and soul searching!

What you really need is support to live a joy based life, where you can learn tools to find and create your passions in a community of like minded women who also want to ingnite their inner lights and fan each others flames. You need Empowerment= support find and define your soulslonging and then to make choices that are Soul driven. You need Motivation= That is not forced, but that comes and flows naturally from living your passion after your limiting beliefs and old, outdated conditioning have been shifted and aligned with your Soul force
Institute= A soul school, to help you create a life you love from the inside out- including teachings on compassionate communication and how to enjoy anger, surrender to divine will, meditation on the stillpoint of the soul and its guidance, in a loving feminine community that also has room for healing Yoga sets, Guided Visualization, Healthier eating practices, Meditation and even Barefoot Business Coaching (help to get you started making money doing what you love from home).

If this is you, Welcome- I look forward to connecting with you. I am here to offer help and support. After logging more than 20,000 hours of (attempted) meditation (in a variety of traditions) with ocassional success, decades of serious study with masters  and having helped hundred of people connect to their passions, to God, Mind/Body and East/West Practices and to work with the Law of attraction, I have  learned much from trial and error. I have seen many deeper teachings  in my own life as I journeyed from my Multimillion dollar beach house and red convertable in Hawaii in my late-early 20's (by using the Law of Attraction) to enthusiastic vows of poverty as Hindu Yogini nun soon after (one led to the other really!), to married life as a Yogin couple raising a very spiritually nourished little boy and creating my little barefoot entrepreunership right here. I look forward to sharing the journey with you  

with love,

Ananda Goldstein-Damerla M.Ed., Ph.D.(c), CLC, CYT500, CHt

P.S. A small, intimate teleseminar complete with interactive online community, handouts and personal support is currently forming and beginning November 19, 2009. Space is very limited, we are keeping this one small to make sure everyone gets personal attention.

As part of the launch,  we will be releasing the "Shining, Flourishing, Expressed and Loving Momma's Interview Series" with world renowned experts on topics relevant to you.  Classes will be weekly, and free as part of the pre launch to prepare people for the teleseminar and/or to celebrate and welcome your arrival here, to see if this is a good fit and to help you on your way! 

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