Prosper with Kindness

Private sessions:

If you want help finding your mission, to figure out the lesson behind one of the biggest challenges in your life, or to heal your relationship with money and allow more prosperity into your life.- I am here to help.  I can also help you remove limiting belief's you grew up with that  hold you back from a life you love, help you to experience the life you live with more compassion and help you to create and implement a right livelihood.  In general, I initially work with people for 3 months, which includes one 60-75 minute phone call a week plus homework, handouts, audio files and internet support. We also have a member forum in the works so that students can support each other.

I am currently giving free introductory coaching sessions by application or recommendation only.  This is a complementary session where I am working with you on one of the topics above.   Time does not always allow for me to speak with everyone who applies for the complementary session and it is important for me to know that we are good fit before we speak- that saves both of us time!  I usually put to the top of the list people who give me enough information to really have a sense of what they need and if I can help them.  I will have a survey up shortly, but for now, you can email me at

Sending You Blessings!