Prosper with Kindness

Often people want to get to know more about their coaches and teachers. Here are some personal  pictures from some of my previous workshops, pilgremages and family time involving Ananda and EMI. I guess this is my own version of Eat, Pray, Love, pre existance of the book by that name- except India was my favorite place to eat, pray and love (forget Italy, though I do like their pasta!) As far as love goes, motherhood is the biggest heart opener. I am so grateful!

Aruba's Butterfly Farm

Laugh Yoga Workshop and Pizza Feast New Orleans

  The Miracle of Birth and the Sacred Gift of Motherhood, Dec 18, 04 (my son just saw this picture as I was posting it and asked me if he could go back to this time, at this time his eyes were such that it seemed he would just see right through us).

Indonesian Interfaith Peace Pilgremage with my husband Dr Gopal, March '02

These pictures are taken at 2 ancient holy sites, Bodhbudhur (Buddhist) and an ancient Shiva/Vishnu/Ram Temple (Hindu) while in Indonesia which is  currently Muslim country. This was taken 6 months before my husband and I were married.

2001 Yogini Retreat in Wilmington,NC
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